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Madness Neurosis Collab 3 Madness Neurosis Collab 3

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Not all negative reviews are abusive!!!

Please stop calling every negative review abusive. Sometimes there is good constructive criticism there, and you're missing out on improvements that can be made. It is not your place to judge regardless.

As for the animation. I find it quite common. A rather dull collaboration, with little originality. I applaud your efforts, and this isn't bad if it's your first. Keep trying, and you'll eventually learn better organizational skills. It comes with patience.
(ps if you mark this as abusive, I will laugh my ass off.)

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Littleluckylink responds:


- The Nail - - The Nail -

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Excellent message.

Sad but true...

Unfortunatelly your preaching to an odd audience. No doubt most of the people who see this will not get the point, they won't know the truth that you speak, and will instantly hate you for the message.

A small percentage of viewers will know the truth, and have the taste to agree with your message.

And so I say... Strawberry clock is king of the portal.

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rtil responds:

Oh, I knew when submitting this to Newgrounds that it would get a much more negative response due to the audience. You're exactly right.

Since it hit the front page it has been getting a lot of negativity, few people actually 'get it'.

Strawberry Clock may be the king of the portal, but I think he's had his run.

Sbc does Asia Redux Sbc does Asia Redux

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Originality, oddness... all mixed up with cuteness and strangeness... Perfect cocktail for insanity.

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PirateClock responds:

why thank you. although i have to give bluebeet some credit for his awesome voice acting. <3

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Tactics Core Demo Tactics Core Demo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best game engine I've seen...

I had just about given up on the flash platform as far as games are concerned... I'd always been more impressed with the abilities of shockwave/director, but this has truly impressed me... The graphics make it worth while, I can tell you spent a great deal of time on the models...

While I am not your typical RPG player, I can see the great potential this engine and concept has... What could be next? Custom levels, multiplayer action... And perhaps one day full multiplayer realtime strategy? This has opened a door in my mind to so many wonderfull ideas...

All I can say, is that I would love to get ahold of your engine and see how you pieced this together...

I can think of almost no suggestions... It looks as though you know exactly what you are doing. I'm sure you are already working on creating a scrollable view to contain larger maps. If not you should. Asside from that if/when you do develope this into an RPG make sure to present a well thought out plot, and perhaps some cinimatics starring your detailed 3d models... The better the story, the more interresting the gameplay will be, otherwise it's more like a unique game of chess than an RPG... But I'm sure you know all that...

Keep up the good work... I look forward to seeing your progress!

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